We have the infrastructure to export our products inside and outside of the Mexican Republic, our clients around the world have checked our quality, prices, punctuality and formality in our packing services and export.

We are registered in the Secretary of Treasury and Public Credit under "small taxpayer's" régime, we send notes with registration in each one of our sales.

Our prices are wholesale, the minimum order is 12 pieces, Our prices are subject to changes without previous warning, any change can vary the price.

When some ceramic items are not available, require of a lapse of time from 5 to 23 work days to be produced, because are baked pieces.

When some plaster item is not available, require approximately of 8 days to be produced, depending if it is time of rain.

We can produce any pattern you want, having a sample in any material.

The cost of shipping and freight traveling at the risk of the client and how much it costs depend on your destination and volume. Its deposit is assumed as a signature of this condition.

For further security in the shippings suggest to pack in wooden boxes that have an additional cost of 160 pesos.

To place an order, we request 50% deposit and notified by phone or
scanning the document, and thus, as soon as possible to expedite shipment / order. The other 50%
required depending on whether there is in existence, the next day or 8-10 days depending on process
work or climate. You can also perform as a single payment of 100% according to the customer.

For payments please use the following bank account:

Bank: Banamex

Branch: 0921

Account Number: 98558

Name: Esmeralda Hernandez De La Cruz